"The songs that I wrote for my high school friends soon ranked onto the charts, and before I knew it, we already had everything. But if that’s so…if that’s so, I wonder why I felt emptier than on the days when I had nothing? Maybe it’s because I didn’t have anything I really wanted.

-Ogasawara Aki, The Liar and His Lover (2013)


sorry, idk where this came from… 8D;;;;;

anyway i’m also kind of back so I’ll try and post relevant things soon derp

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I keep on getting in trouble.



'girls don't have to clear their internet history'

let me explain you a thing

of course girls don’t have to clear their internet history
girls are smart enough to use an incognito window

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"we’re a couple now, haters!" (3.01)

“I always wanted to be a performer, but discipline was something I needed help with, and I got that through wrestling and football. Through sports, I learned how to work my ass off and how to take advice and say “I don’t know” when I don’t know and to ask questions and be confident. It all came from sports and from my coaches. Gary Cease, he was a wrestling coach and he told me that I was creative and that was a cool thing. He could’ve called me weird, but he didn’t. My dad coached me, and when he wasn’t a coach, he was there leaning on a fence at the practices. I learned more from sports about how to handle myself in Hollywood than I ever did doing plays.”

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A young Jewish refugee with her Chinese playmates. Shanghai, China (x)

Between 1933 and 1941, it is estimated that 20,000 Jews escaped persecution by fleeing to the Chinese port of Shanghai. Shanghai was one of the few places in the world that would accept Jewish refugees at this time, Japan being another.

i am furious that i am just now learning about this important fact.

Because it has nothing to do with the USA being the superhero and saving all the Jews

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